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History and characteristics of JIS SPELTER SOCKETS

We are all indebted to JIS, aren't we? We also use it every day. In other countries, there are other standards. For example, DIN (Germany) is a very famous international standard.

In Japan, the JIS standard ensures safety and interchangeability, which is a very important concept in manufacturing. We are very good at manufacturing spelter sockets. And the JIS #speltersocket have a history.

Do we need to talk about our history to sell our products? Of course. It is just as important to talk about as the specifications and price.

Because by knowing the history, we can better understand the application and other products, and can operate them safely.


A JIS book once described the history of the establishment of the JIS type spelter socket standard. In 1956, there was no standard for spelter sockets in Japan, so each spelter socket had its own shape and size, and there were many types.

In 1956, there was no standard for spelter sockets in Japan, so each spelter socket had its own shape and size, and there were many types. The Japanese Society for Standardization of Shipping Industries was involved in the establishment of the standard.


Just to understand here already, there is an important point. It was developed by referring to overseas standards, and the ship industry is an important factor. When we receive work from overseas, we have a nomination with JIS standard. Because there are elements that are different from overseas standards, they ask us, who are skilled in manufacturing #JIS standards, to help them.

Since the standard is published, anyone should be able to produce it, but since it requires know-how in manufacturing, there are not many companies that can produce products that meet the standard with the delivery date, performance, and price that the customer wants.


jis spelter socket

The #speltersocket is unique compared to sockets from other countries because of the groove shape on the fork. After the wire rope is attached to the socket with the alloy, it is better to be able to pull it out again to inspect the condition of the alloy.



In addition, there is a parallel part at the tip of the cone that is half the diameter of the #wirerope, making it easier to align the axis of the wire rope and the socket, and preventing unnecessary external force from being applied to the wire rope.


It is part of our job to tell our customers these stories as well as our history, and ask them to operate our products safely.


We have been manufacturing JIS type spelter sockets for many years and exporting them overseas. We are confident in our manufacturing and quality because we are not only capable of making them, but also proud of the history we are making with them.


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