Company Profile

In business since 1945, Auzac strives to support our customers, as well as our employees and the local community.
Our company name "Auzac" is created by all staff and partners: AU: authentic + Z: zippy + AC: action.


Our Mission

Since our founding, we have continued to manufacture indispensable wire sockets, hook blocks as well as other types of hoisting attachment products for large-scale buildings.

They are mounted on bridges, construction equipment, cranes and so forth, and are used day and night under tough conditions. Looking into the future, we are aiming to achieve even better quality so that our customers can use our products with confidence. As a result, we are constantly implementing the strictest quality management practices, and we are aiming to be a company that has "suppleness", which can respond to any requirement flexibly.

We strive to connect not only articles to articles but also hearts and hearts, and dreams and dreams.

Message from the President

Our various product lines, and especially our spelter sockets, have allowed us to lead the Japanese rigging and lifting industry for many years. Our products are indispensible in supporting industry and infrastructure, and with their high quality, we are able to provide safety and security to our customers.

In recent years, an increasing number of customers have come to require our high-quality products, not only in Japan, but also overseas. To meet our customers' expectations and continue to serve our role in supporting the world's development, together with our partners, Auzac only plans to continue to strive forward. Let's make the future, together.

President, AUZAC CO.,LTD.

Mototsugu Nishiyama

Mototsugu Nishiyama

Auzac People

Mizuho Okazaki (Ms.)

Mizuho Okazaki (Ms.)

Executive Vice President

We value the happiness of our employees and aim to champion diversity in our company operations, regardless of their gender, age, nationality, or any disabilities they may have. We want to offer a safe workplace where people can share inspiration and happiness with one another.

Seiji Abe (Mr.)

Seiji Abe (Mr.)

Senior Managing Director

We value our relationships with customers, support their businesses, and lead the rigging industry.

Ryozo Hamada (Mr.)

Ryozo Hamada (Mr.)

Quality Assurance Department Section Chief

A product's value can be found in its quality. Auzac can promise that our products are of the highest quality.

Aki Sasaki (Mr.)

Aki Sasaki (Mr.)

Overseas branding / trading specialist

I promise we'll offer smart solutions with Japan's signature quality and safety.

Shinichiro Tsurunari (Mr.)

Shinichiro Tsurunari (Mr.)

Design Section Chief

My mission is to deliver reliable and safe products. The design process must be professional.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name



Head Office & Factory
26-229, Tomochoushiroji, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima, Japan


October, 1945


30 million yen

Manufacturing Item

Metal Processing Wire Sockets, Rigging Screws, Hooks, Turnbuckles and Other Various Lifting Tools.

International Clients

  • ・Gunnebo Industries / Sweden
  • ・Shaws Wire Ropes  / New Zealand
  • ・Usha Martin Singapore Pte Ltd / Singapore
  • ・Rainbo Supplies & Services / UK
  • ・Thai Mui Corp / Thailand
  • ・LTI Steel Wire Rope (Shanghai) Co., Ltd / CHINA
  • ・International General Trading LLC / UAE
  • ・Adamallys LLC / UAE
  • ・PFEIFER Seil / GmbH
  • ・China Steel Corporation / Taiwan