Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about frequently asked questions about Auzac products.


What is the difference between JIS and TSK spelter sockets?
JIS spelter sockets are made to conform to the Japanese industrial standards JIS F 3432. TSK spelter sockets are designed by TOKYO ROPE MFG. CO., LTD., and are high quality, high precision, and lightweight. Please refer to the following. What is TSK type? - Japanese spelter socket standards other than JIS History and characteristics of JIS SPELTER SOCKETS
Can you make me a custom spelter socket?
We can make custom-made sockets, but they must be designed so that their strength can be guaranteed. You will need to provide us with the dimensions required for the socket and detailed information (see below) about the wire rope to be used. Depending on the size and quantity of the product, the manufacturing time may be 90 days or more. Wire dia.(mm) / Minimum Breaking Force(kN) / Type of Strand (like 6 x 41 IWRC etc.) Nominal Tensile Strength (N/mm²) / Outer wire dia.(mm)
Do you have certifications of strength?
We can provide our own company's certification of strength. Please request it in advance.
Are you products made in Japan?
Most of our products are made in Japan. A few products are manufactured overseas and finished and quality-controlled at our company.
Do you offer product warranties?
Please inspect the products for shortages in quantity, minor defects, or damage within 15 days of receipt. If any shortages or packaging damage exists at the time of delivery, notify us in writing by e-mail within 15 days of receipt of the product; if no notice is given within the 15-day period, the product will be considered approved. If, within one year after delivery, the product is found to be seriously defective and not of proper quality, we will promptly provide, free of charge, a repaired or replacement product for this non-conforming or defective product.

Sales Contracts and Trade

Do you offer discounts?
Generally, our products are priced as they appear in our price lists. Separate proposals may be made depending on order volume and for special transactions. Please download the basic price list from the brochure download page.
When will I receive my order?
We ship 14 to 90 business days after confirming receipt of advance payment. The estimated shipping time will be provided in our quotation, as it varies depending on the number of orders and availability.
What about intercom and freight charges?
We can handle EXW/CIF/FOB, etc. Please provide us with your desired port/airport information, and we will propose the best freight rates and plans offered by our best forwarders.
What are the payment requirements?
We ask that all payments be made in advance by bank transfer. We will begin manufacturing or preparing for shipment upon confirmation of payment.
How are products packaged?
We procure the best packaging from the best packing companies in Japan.

Sales Shops

Do you have a shop overseas?
Our dealers are International General Trading LLC in Dubai, UAE, and KLIFTING INDUSTRY CO., LTD in China, but we can offer customers the best deal with a direct purchase.
I'm interested in selling your products in a shop. What should I do?
From our contact form, please tell us that you'd like to sell our products and share your company information (profile, website, etc.). We can consult on the details of a contract.
Do you hire people from overseas?
We do not hire people from overseas.