Auzac also sells original hanging tools.

We have named them after warlords, hoping that they will be powerful and make great strides. Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu are three of the most famous warlords in Japan.

I hope you, too, will take a leap forward with our hanging equipment!

“Nobunaga’s arms” The inovative hanger which was created through an on-site suggestion

The hook chain extends to safely and securely hold the suspended load.

The “Nobunaga’s Arm” has an extendable hook chain, which makes it easy for a single person to perform the two-point suspension that requires two people to perform in conventional products.

“Hideyoshi’s arms” You can choose 2 or 4 slings!!

Improved version of the innovative suspension tool Nobunaga.

While maintaining the safety and work efficiency due to the extended hook chain, a total of four hooks and a hook storage case have been equipped to enable quick and reliable work from four-point suspension to three-point suspension and two-point suspension.

“Ieyasu’s arms” Super light, Compact size, Lifting beam!

Compared to conventional products, this product is ultra-lightweight, making it easier to transport and replace the balance.

It is compact in size and convenient to carry around.

Since two types of fishing widths can be selected, it can be lifted in a well-balanced manner according to the load to be lifted and the environment in which it is used, enabling safe and reliable work.

The large display of the working load makes it easy to check at a glance, contributing to safe work.