Origin of the company name AUZAC

In 1991, we changed our company name from Okazaki Seisakusho to AUZAC, and we would like to introduce our thoughts behind the name AUZAC.

In 1991, AUZAC was taken over by Takashi Okazaki. In conjunction with this change, the company name was changed and a new factory was built. It was a people-friendly factory with air conditioning.

The company name was chosen by public solicitation. We wanted a name that was easy to pronounce and easy to remember while retaining the image of Okazaki Seisakusho. We solicited ideas from our clients, suppliers, and employees.
As a result, we received nearly 200 name proposals.
After an initial selection process, we finally narrowed the list down to three names. After discussions with our employees, we decided on the one we thought was the best.


That is “AUZAC”.


The alphabetical representation is “AUZAC”,

AU: authentic             Z: zippy                    AC: action


The logo is based on the “A (a)” of AUZAC, which represents a steady growth.
The “green” color in the logo is an image of the environment, and it represents a factory where people can work in a natural environment surrounded by plants, even in a place that tends to be inorganic, such as a factory.


We love to continue supporting global customers with HQ wirerope related products and lifting equipment.


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