Solid Thimble will continue to support industry

We are specialists in the manufacture of spelter sockets, but we also manufacture wire rope connections in addition to spelter sockets.

For example, for the connection of wire ropes supporting heavy loads, we have SOLIDTHIMBLE as well as Spelter Socket.

SOLID THIMBLE is used to connect with various things such as spelter sockets and turnbuckles.

The groove is designed to match the diameter of the wire rope. The size of the hole is determined by the size of the pin it goes into, but it can be changed.

As a standard product, we use the JIS SOLID THIMBLE.
As I mentioned in my post the other day, the JIS SOLID THIMBLE is no longer part of the current JIS standard, but it has been used in many places, and we still receive orders for it.

Some equipment such as cranes, where wire ropes with SOLID THIMBLE are used, are used for years. In order to use the equipment for a long time, it is important to inspect the wire rope periodically.
If the inspection reveals a problem, we will replace the wire rope and SOLID THIMBLE.

Although the SOLID THIMBLE is a small piece of hardware, it makes me feel somewhat proud to think that it plays a part in supporting such an industry.

JIS B2802 Solid Thimble

JIS F3403 Solid Thimble for Rigging Screw

Custom-made Solid Thimble