Spelter sockets and bridge sockets support the suspension bridge

We are a manufacturer of spelter sockets, and we have responded to a variety of customer needs related to  wire ropes.

The other day, I made a list of bridges, radio towers, buildings, and other projects that we have been involved in in Japan to look back on.

In the 10 years since 2011, we have been involved in more than 40 bridge projects. I was also involved in more than 20 radio tower projects.

We have delivered our products to gymnasiums, museums, schools, and buildings all over Japan, including small structures.

I am proud to be able to support people’s lives by making fittings that connect wire ropes, starting with Spelter Socket.

Suspension Bridge. 2011-2021
Toyoshima Ohashi bridge, Yunishikawa bridge, Yuse bridge, Hiranabe bridge, Kinomata enchi Bridge, Ryujin Suspension Bridge, Otani bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Nebamura Bridge, Mishima Skywalk, Kadowaki Bridge, Deaiohashi Bridge, Madaraohashi Bridge, Seto Bridge, Shirakawa Bridge, Fujitake Bridge, Kenzan Chuo Bridge, Kasahori Bridge, Bushina Bridge, Chojahara Bridge, Okumatani Bridge, Tenryukyoohashi Bridge, Yasutomi Bridge, Mino Bridge, Kuwatsuruohashi Bridge, Ōnaruto Bridge, Kasai Station Bridge, Chokaigawa Bridge, Irodoribashi Bridge, Karamatsutani Bridge, Okochiohashi Bridge, Hachimantai Bridge, Fukurodanotaki Bridge, Nishinihon CC Bridge, Kitamaruyama Bridge, Ishigakijima Bridge, Kesennuma Oshima Ohashi Bridge, Kanmonkyo bridge, Yudamata Bridge, Obuka Bridge, Ōnaruto Bridge.