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Open Spelter Socket for Bridge Cable
Special Make Closed Spelter Socket
Open,Closed Spelter Socket Type TSK with Flange
Stud Swage Socket
bridge socket
open swage socket
closed swage socket


We are capable of manufacturing sockets of various shapes based on customer requirements. In addition to the casting and forging processes, we can also manufacture sockets entirely by machining, which enables us to handle small quantities of products. In most cases, we manufacture based on the drawings provided by the customer.

・Custom-made sockets for dedicated applications such as suspension bridges, dams, steel mills, etc.

・Spelter socket with plate for marine use

・Swage sockets and stud swage sockets used to connect wire ropes for cranes, etc.


solid thimble
solid thimble
solid thimble2
special solid thimble


Solid thimbles are used for terminal connections of wire ropes. Depending on the application, a specially shaped solid thimble may be required. We have manufactured a number of special solid thimbles, and are able to provide them in small quantities of 10 or less to meet the needs of our customers.


custom turnbuckle
special turnbuckle
turnbuckles  eye and jaw


Compared to conventional products, this product is ultra-lightweight, making it easier to transport and replace the balance.

It is compact in size and convenient to carry around.

Since two types of fishing widths can be selected, it can be lifted in a well-balanced manner according to the load to be lifted and the environment in which it is used, enabling safe and reliable work.

The large display of the working load makes it easy to check at a glance, contributing to safe work.


Weight for Connection
special eyebolt
Eye Hook


We manufacture a variety of products based on drawings provided by our customers.

Lifting products such as eyebolts, hooks, weights, etc. can be designed based on our standards with strength calculations.

"Samurai" spirits

We have been manufacturing many spelter sockets, such as JIS, TSK and custom made, for almost half a century.

We always keep strict QC process for every AUZAC products with “Samurai” spirits.

We will continue our efforts to improve quality, cost and delivery, or "QCD".

Auzac Products

jis spelter socketjis closeJIS SPELTER SOCKET

These spelter sockets are manufactured according to the Japanese Industrial Standards, JIS F 3432.

tsk opentsk closedTSK STANDARD SOCKET

This socket is lighter and stronger than the general JIS type socket. The standard type:Strand Rope


This socket is lighter and stronger than the general JIS type socket. The standard type:Spiral Strand Rope, Locked Coil Strand Rope

Open Spelter Socket for Bridge Cable

Open,Closed Spelter Socket Type TSK with Flange


Special order spelter sockets can also be manufactured upon customer request.

photo_1457050384SOLID THIMBLE

JISB2802 Solid Thimble with Bush, Dead Eye (Solid) Thimble for Rigging Screw, custom-made etc,.


JIS F7020 Turnbuckles with eyebolts for ships,  JISF3307 turnbuckles are for anchor stoppers.


Eyebolts, Hooks, Lifting Beams, 

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