JIS F3307 Turnbuckle for Anchor Stoppers








Product summary

Turnbuckles are used with steel cables for getting rid of slack made between two points, and are a kind of binding used for tightening.

Product details

There are screw stocks on the right and left, the threaded portions are connected with common nuts.

The one external thread is the right-handed screw, and the other external thread is the left-handed screw.

When the internal thread of the nut is turned, the external threads get closer to each other and when the turn is reversed, they move away from each other.
If the turnbuckle is placed in the middle of the structure's props and the supporting wire ropes, the wire rope can strongly be tightened by turning them.

Body: SS400 Joe Bolt: S25C Pin: S25C
Surface Treatment
Hot Dip Galvanizing