About JIS standard turnbuckles

A turnbuckle is a metal fitting used to adjust the tension of wirerope and building braces.
We manufacture turnbuckles that are used on ships.

The JISB1168 Eyebolts that I posted the other day is one of them.
What is “JIS B1168 EYEBOLT”

In addition, there are other turnbuckles that are used on ships.
These turnbuckles are for anchor stoppers as specified in JISF3307.

It is used to hold the anchor safely when it is retracted.
The wire rope is hooked onto the chain of the anchor to secure it so that it does not fall.

This turnbuckle has a unique shape.
While most turnbuckle frames are made using molds, this turnbuckle frame is made by welding plates and dice of metal together.

Turnbuckle for Anchor Stoppers JIS F3307