The Kokonoe “Yume” Otsurihashi , completed in 2006, is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge that is 173 meters high and 390 meters long, making it the tallest suspension bridge in Japan. (The Mishima Skywalk in Shizuoka, Japan is the longest in Japan at 400 m.)

The main wire is made up of seven 53 mm diameter wires bundled together, and is built to accommodate approximately 1,800 adults at a time.

Since its opening, more than 12 million people have crossed the bridge.

In the fall, the mountains turn red and the autumn leaves and suspension bridge provide a wonderful view.

Please visit the official web page for beautiful photos and videos of the construction.




We were involved in this suspension bridge project as a manufacturer of rope end fittings.

It will continue to support society for decades and I feel proud to be involved in such a project.



More recently, we were involved.

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