The Toyoshima Ohashi is a suspension bridge in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. It connects islands in the Seto Inland Sea region with Hiroshima Prefecture.

It is one of the Akinada Liaison Bridges connecting Honshu and the Akinada Islands, and was opened to traffic on November 18, 2008.

The bridge is 903 meters long and 9 meters wide, and is nicknamed “Abi Ohashi”. The name derives from the fact that fishing was conducted in the surrounding waters, marked by flocks of abis, the prefectural bird of Hiroshima Prefecture.


We were involved in the manufacturing of spelter sockets for this project, taking advantage of our long-standing expertise in spelter socket manufacturing.

We are proud to be involved in this project, as our company is also located in Hiroshima Prefecture.


Toyoshima Ohashi – Hiroshima